S H I N J U K U ,  T O K Y O

At the heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku boasts its wide array of experiences ranging not only from its crazy and unapologetic clubs, robot restaurants, red light districts, and bars, but also down to the serene and traditional Japanese gardens and parks hidden from the vibe and noise of its night life. 

Each district has its own personality and there is just something for anyone here in Shinjuku, and the fun just never stops even until the first train. 

S H I B U Y A ,  T O K Y O

Shibuya is Tokyo. You’re never really in Tokyo if you’re not crossing the world’s most crowded pedestrian crossing while surrounded by anime neon lights and funky, fearless billboard media advertisement.

 Shibuya represents the best of Tokyo with its ever changing façade of funky, quirky, and everything bright and entertaining that the city has to offer. From Hachiko to Takeshita Street, there is just no way you’ll get bored in this gem of a district. 

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