The Perspectve Feature

Hey y'all! Hope everything is going well. Excited to share with you guys that the folks at The Perspectve recently reached out to me. I am beyond honored and thrilled to share with everyone the story of how I got into Photography about a year ago. Reposting the feature: 


Tell us something about you. 

My name is Carlos Quiapo and I’m from the Philippines. I am currently based in Tokyo, Japan as an Engineer since 2015. I am also a musical theatre actor and a freelance photographer. 

How would you describe your photography style? 

My friends would always comment on how “long exposure” shots are not for me; I just don’t have the patience for it. My style is almost always based on spontaneity and the chaos of candid life. That’s why I take more creative freedom on street photography over landscape and portraits.

How’d you get into Photography?

I wanted to fall in love with Japan again, after being here for a while. Finally forced myself to buy a camera and since then, I’ve been learning on my own, mostly by trial and error. 

Your favorite image? The story behind it? 

My favorite image/set of images was my recent gallery on the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura). I spent a couple of days outdoor to shoot various spots. Cool experience. Photos turned out fine. I also got the worst Hay fever. I’m still taking meds as of this writing moment. Photography is risky! 

Do you have any specific goals for your Photography? 

I have just recently launched my own domain. My initial goal was just to take photos and share my craft. After getting some freelance work, I realized I could do what I love while at the same time earn enough to support my personal development through training and workshops; I’d like to learn more about techniques and secrets I have yet to know. Photojournalism is also something that I’ve been exploring lately. 

Your Goal for 2018? 

My goal for this year is to shoot more. I know this is such a cliché but I have only been to at least a third of Japan’s prefectures. I want to tell a story through my photos. I’d love to travel more within the country and explore more. Of course, the world outside Japan is as fascinating.  

Check out the entire feature here: