freelance street photographer

Carlos Quiapo


I am a Tokyo-based Filipino freelance photographer focused on street, travel, lifestyle, and portrait photography.

Coming from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Electronics Engineering, I have been working full time here in Japan since 2015. One fortunate day, I took a chance on my very first Fujifilm gear and the rest is history.

As a freelance photographer, I have worked with various travel websites and culture blogs. Most of the time, I take pleasure in shooting the chaotic streets of Tokyo, as well as the mundane life that it offers. I also do Tokyo street-themed portraits for individuals and groups alike, which I almost turn into a theatrical performance—capturing their raw reactions real time .

In my free time, I also do Improv comedy, musical theatre, and creative writing, among other things.

Carlos Quiapo,  Photographer

Carlos Quiapo, Photographer